How to Play Craps? A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Learn Craps Online Tricks to Earn Canada

Table of Contents:

  1. History and origins of craps
  2. Examining the gameplay in details
  3. Best strategies and tips
  4. Designing and building your own craps table
  5. Frequently Asked Questions 
  6. How Do You Play Craps? Historical Background of the Game 

To answer “what is craps?”, it is first necessary to visit New Orleans, where, in 1805, a young gambler from Louisiana, Bernard de Marigny, was trying to familiarize locals with a new game he recently brought from London. It was called hazard (or hasard), and, according to some sources, dated back to the age of Crusades. 

De Marigny changed the answer to “how to play craps?” by making a 7 the central number of the game. He was forced to simplify the rules and make working class the target audience for craps, as the local nobility didn’t favor the new game. This decision turned out to be extremely successful, spreading craps along the Mississippi River. 

Over a significant period of time, craps had been associated with unfair gambling. All along the 19th century, no one knew how to make craps tables and dices, which led to the spread of unfair dice. The problem was solved by John H. Winn, a dice maker from Philadelphia, in 1907. He introduced the modern layout of the craps table, which is still used today. 

How to Play Craps at Casino? Explaining Main Rules of the Game

So, how do you play craps? First of all, it’s important to mention that there are 2 versions of the game – casino craps and street craps. This article will focus on the casino version, which involves gamblers playing against the house. 

Craps Official Gaming Field in Canada

Each round in craps begins with placing the players’ wagers on dedicated areas on the table. Curious how to bet craps? Just tell one of the dealers that you would like to make your bet. After all the wagers are placed, gamblers start rolling (or “shooting”) the dice, commonly, with the dice being passed to the left. The player starts with making a “come-out” roll, which would either bring them an instant win or set a target for future rolls. 

Anyone searching for “how to play casino craps” should know the list of possible rolls’ outcomes. They are summarized in the table below:

Pass line bet Don’t pass line bet
Wins if the come-out roll was a 7 or 11 Loses under the same conditions
2, 3, and 12 lose instantly 2 or 3 wins
Any other roll sets a target  12 is a push. The bet is neither won nor lost
If the target point is rolled before a seven, the player wins. Otherwise, the player loses. Directly opposite – a seven rolled out before the target wins. 

How to Win at Craps? Reducing the House Edge as Much as Possible

So, how to win at craps? Statistics reveal that the house edge in craps exceeds 1.36% on both pass and don’t pass bets, even though they are paid out at 1-to-1. This means that in the long run, players have no chances to beat the house and would always end up losing money. 

Many gamblers utilize various betting strategies in an attempt to beat the house. Searching for “how to play craps and win” would probably return methods such as dice control or the Martingale system, but there is no proven evidence of their successful implementation.  

Looking for Personalized Experience? You Might Want to Know How to Make Craps Accessories Then!

Before starting making your own craps table, make sure that there is enough space in your lodging, as the common table is approximately the size of a bathtub. Any “how to make a craps table” instruction also mentions that you would need a large piece of wood, fabric (commonly felt) for the layout, and proper instruments for woodwork. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to play craps at casino venues?
To play as a shooter, approach any table which offers minimum and maximum bets suitable for you. If there is a space for one more player at the table, the croupier will gladly accept your wager. 
Craps: how to play the game after the round has begun?
After making your wager, wait for the turn to reach you and make a shot. Mind that a player is obliged to throw both dice at once. Moreover, both dice must touch the back wall of the table. Otherwise, you will be asked to shoot again. 
How to win in craps?
Craps are considered to be a luck-dependent game, which means that your skill hardly affects the outcome of the game. Strategies such as the Martingale method may bring success from time to time, but, in the long run, the house always wins.  

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