How to Play Blackjack? All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Game

Hints & Tips to Win at Online Blackjack Canada

Table of Contents:

  1. History and origins of blackjack
  2. Introduction to blackjack
  3. Tips and tricks for blackjack. Advanced players welcome!
  4. Dream about working in a casino? You might want to check this part out then
  5. Frequently asked questions
  6. What Is a Blackjack? Reviewing the Roots of the Game

Of course, to know how to play blackjack, you don’t need to be proficient in its history, but a little insight into the origins of this game would not go amiss. Blackjack’s roots are found in Europe, particularly, 17th century Spain, where it was known under the name Twenty-One. The initial game varied from what is known as Blackjack today, but the general gameplay remained identical through centuries. 

The first written reference to blackjack (or, rather, its ancestor), as well as an answer to “how to win at blackjack,” belongs to Miguel de Cervantes, who described 2 fellow card cheaters from Seville in his 1601 “Rinconete y Cortadillo.” The game received its modern name in the United States, where early gambling houses offered players a stunning 10-to-1 bonus if the latter got an ace of spaces and any black jack in a hand. 

Modern rules, however, have a different answer to “what is blackjack?” Nowadays, any combination of an ace and a ten/picture can be called a blackjack.

How to Blackjack? A Comprehensive Guide for Newcomers

Each round of blackjack starts with placing players’ bets on the dedicated areas on the table (betting boxes). One betting box is not limited to one gambler’s use as up to 3 players are allowed to place their wagers into one box. Any “how to deal blackjack” guide also mentions that only the player whose bet is in the front would be making decisions in the game. Others don’t have any control over the game. 

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What is a blackjack game like after the bets have been made? Well, each player is dealt out 2 cards face-up, while the dealer gets only one card face-up. Their second card is hidden from the public. However, the dealer must reveal the card if it turns their hand into a blackjack. Any guide, which explains blackjack, how to play and win it, is then obliged to mention which steps can a player take after receiving their cards, and this one will be no different. For your convenience, decisions that the gambler can make are summarized in the table:

Hit   Stand Double down Split Surrender
Always the first option when it comes to discussing “how to blackjack,” hitting refers to asking for an additional card.   A player who chooses not to take any additional cards stands.  Probably the most complicated move in blackjack, doubling down involves increasing your additional bet by up to 100%.  If you have 2 identical cards (any pictures would go as tens) in a hand, you can split it into 2 separate hands.  Abandon the game and have half of your wager back. If you are searching for “how to win blackjack,” surrendering is not your choice in the long-term!
      You would then be dealt one more card but obliged to stand in the future.  Each of your new hands will then receive a new card, and you can proceed with playing with 2 independent hands.  Mind that you can’t surrender after making any other step! 

How to Play Blackjack Casino Games: Is Beating the House Even Possible?

Prior to searching “how to play blackjack casino games?”, you must be aware that different variations of blackjack are played in different casinos, so these suggestions would not work in every single gambling house on the planet. Make sure to review the rules of the place you are playing in. 

This game is highly skill-dependent, so make sure that you know how to count cards in blackjack. Counting cards allows players to gain a significant advantage, which, however, is not favored by casinos. 

How to Deal Blackjack: See the Game from the Croupier’s Perspective

If you are about to be a dealer, whether professional or amateur, make sure that you know the rules of blackjack, when to hit and when to stand, as these are the only options available to dealers. Mind that you can take additional cards only before the value of your hand reaches 17. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is insurance in blackjack?
An insurance bet can be placed immediately after receiving your cards, in case you believe that the dealer’s face-down card would make their hand a blackjack. Mind that your insurance bet can only be up to 50% of the initial wager. 
What is double down in blackjack?
Doubling down is a type of action available only to players, not a dealer. When choosing to double-down, you can make an additional bet, which, however, can’t exceed your initial wager. In exchange, you get one more card and are obliged to stand during the whole remaining game.
When to hit or stand in blackjack?
Deciding when to make a certain decision is completely dependent on the current situation in the game, particularly, the cards in your and dealer’s hands. To make a proper decision, make sure to come prepared, go through the most popular strategies, and carefully review professionals’ tips.

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