How to Learn Poker? A Comprehensive Guide

Learn to Play Poker & Win Tournaments Canada

Table of Contents:

  1. Origins of poker and its main rules
  2. Defining the most widespread types of poker
  3. How to define what chip is worth what?
  4. Designing and making your personal poker table
  5. Frequently asked questions
  6. When Was Poker Invented and How Did It Evolve?

Even though there is no exact answer to “when was poker invented,” it’s quite clear that the game originated somewhat around the late 18th – early 19th century. Poker is significantly different from other common card games because it didn’t originate in Europe or Asia. This game was born in the United States. 

The first written mention of poker belongs to R. F. Foster, who described the game’s rules in 1837. Poker gained massive popularity in the 1970s, with multiple books answering “how to learn poker?” being released through the decade. 

Although there are multiple variations of poker, the general rules are always quite similar. Poker is a skill-dependent game, meaning that a professional player can gain an advantage over their less experienced counterparts. 

Anyone searching for “how to learn poker?” should learn the list of hands in the game before they start playing. Hands are card combinations. Each hand has a certain rank, which is derived from the combination of cards in this hand. A higher rank of your hand means a higher probability of winning the round in most types of poker. 

At the beginning of each round, one of the players is chosen to make a “blind” bet. Others can either respond by betting the same amount of money (call) or increase the bet (raise). Curious what does check mean in poker? Checking is an action that doesn’t involve betting any money. In other words, through checking, you are just skipping the turn. Checking is forbidden during the first betting round and if someone in a particular round has already called or raised. 

Already Know the Basic Rules? Then You Might Want to Know How to Win Poker Tournaments! 

Now that you are aware of the basics, the question “how to win poker tournaments?” arises. First, choose the type of poker you would concentrate on. There are multiple variations of the game, so picking one and developing your skills in it would be a decent way to learn poker. Most widespread categories of poker are summarized in the table:

Live Poker Hand Screen Shot
Draw poker  Stud Community card
Every gambler is dealt a complete hand face-down.  Involves dealing both face-up and face-down hands.  Each player receives only a part of a hand. Other cards are dealt face-up and available for everyone.
The aim is to improve your hand through changing the cards. Depending on the round, players receive different combinations of hands.  The goal is to combine communal cards and your hand to get the highest combination.

How Do You Know What Poker Chips Are Worth 

Although there is no unified standard for labeling what poker chips are worth, casinos use similar color palettes to mark chips of different values. Large tournaments also utilize standardized sets of chips but may include more high-value denominations like $1,000 or $5,000 chips. Commonly, you will see white chips worth $1, red – $5, blue – $10, green – $25, and black – $100. 

A Guide for Those Planning to Open Their Own Casino: How to Make a Poker Table Single-Handedly? 

There are plenty of answers to “how to make a poker table?”, and all of them would include lots of woodwork, so prepare your jigsaw and drill in advance. Mind that due to the size of the table, your lodging has to be spacious enough to fit it in. Otherwise, you would need to come up with your own answer to ‘how to build a poker table?’

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to win at video poker?
Video poker is much more luck-dependent than usual poker since you are playing against a machine, which is totally unpredictable. Although common strategies utilized by poker players would not work against the computer, strategies like the Martingale method can still be applicable to video poker.  
How to play 3 card poker?
In 3 card poker, players compete with the house, so you would be playing against a dealer. The players and croupier are each dealt 3 cards, which are then compared to find out who has the highest combination. 
How do casinos make money on poker?
The most common way of earning on poker is directly charging a percentage of every bet sum, commonly around 2.5% - 10%. Some casinos charge established sums of money regardless of the bets’ sizes, but this is a rare practice.

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